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Native American Battles that Led to Victories

Several factors contributed to battles between the Native Americans and the Non-Indians in America. Right from superiority to cultural differences, there has always been means and ways that the Natives have been attacked for. The conflicts that took place between the two races often turned very brutal and brought near-destruction to the indigenous people in America.

The American Indian Wars

Between the Europeans and the native Americans, the war was not something that was an occasional happening. This factor was especially true during the seventeenth century. In the year 1622, the Jamestown colony was almost wiped out by the Powhatan Confederacy. Nathaniel Bacon led a force of people to destroy the Pamunkey Indians after years of frustration that mounted between the races. While the destruction was not as fruitful but still caused damage, the entire venture of wiping out races was unsuccessful against the colonial authorities in 1676. The Dutch colonies in New York were not spared either. Other places that turned to wars and battles were in New England, North and South Carolina, western Florida and New Mexico.

Rivalries thrive between France, Spain, and England because of the Native Indian influence. However, not many of the wars were won by the Natives, they were quickly overpowered by the joined forces of the European armies, and soon, the native Americans were subdued and forced to co-exist with the settlers. When the English tried to come in a demand a portion, the French and the Indians were able to overpower them with their strong vigilantes.  

Best Battle Won by Native Americans

The most well-known battle of Little Bighorn is by far the most significant victory that the Native Americans have seen. However, in the year 1791, the Native American army was able to throw over the United States Army and took down over 900 casualties in a matter of 3 hours. The best part is that only a small army of 1400 men went forward with the assault on November 4th. The day was by far the most significant victory that the Native Americans have ever seen.

Many people know of the battle of Bighorn when the Native Americans destroyed George Armstrong Custer’s army and brought disaster in 1791; many don’t recognize the fight on November 4th. Many people don’t see the point of even acknowledging the day because it did not change the course of history. The victory of the day, however, is an integral part of Native American history. At the time, when the battle occurred the whole united states army was shaken, and the future was rocky. All it took was three hours in the face of the enemies, and the Natives were able to conquer and establish themselves. At the time, the American army was poorly equipped, and the Native American win was the reason, the American military began upgrading their forces to win better battles in the future of the Native American wars that took place. Once the Americans were able to gear up, the number of losses rained down on the Native American, never the less, the battle on November the 4th is worth remembering.

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